Re: Subversion plugin screenshots


I think, or at least what I understand, is not to be able to download
from Launchpad, instead be able to merge to different po files.

This doesn't mean that having a downloader of Launchpad po files will be
good :)


El dv 11 de 07 de 2008 a les 16:15 +0200, en/na Ignacio Casal Quinteiro
va escriure:
> O Ven, 11-07-2008 ás 09:50 -0400, Og Maciel escribiu:
> > 2008/7/11 Nacho <nacho resa gmail com>:
> > > Do you want a plugin to upload .po files to launchpad or what?
> > 
> > It sounded to me he wants a graphical (UI) way to merge translations
> > coming from Launchpad so he can leverage whatever work is done
> > overthere. I actually do it myself by hand...
> Ok then. But I see this as another plugin. Something that downloads
> a file from launchpad to store it in your local repository.
> Could you add your comments about this in this bug?
> Regards.
> > 
> > Cheers,
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