Re: major libgweather Locations updates

Simos Xenitellis wrote:
> For Greece I have noticed the following,
> a. The names in the original strings now have accents, such as
> Alexandroúpolis, which helps non-native speakers. This is cool, but
> also means that more messages require attention for subtle changes.
> I think it's a move to the right direction.

We could optionally strip the diacritics out for 2.24 to reduce the
number of new strings, and then bring them back post-2.24?

> b. There are multiple entries for airports, having them associated
> with several nearby cities. For example, for LGKV, there are entries
> for four cities, Chrysoúpolis, Dráma, Kavála, Xánthi.
> How much is the radius you picked when considering nearby cities? Is
> it more than 50Km?

It's exactly 50km. That may need adjusting. (If we lower it, than some
of those cities will just go away entirely; it always uses the closest
weather station for a city, so the fact that those cities use the LGKV
code means there isn't any other weather station closer to them than that.)

(In this case, Chrysoúpolis is listed because that's where the LGKV
weather station actually is, and Dráma, Kavála and Xánthi are listed
because they're marked as being the capitals of states/provinces/
whatever-you-call-them-in-Greece in our dataset, which is one of the
things we use to guess that a city is a major city that should be listed.)

> c. In some cases, the transliterated version does not have an accent.
> For example,
> Chrysoúpolis Airport and
> Chrysoupoli Airport
> It looks as if the airport name of the original entry gets the
> transliteration, while the nearby cities do not get transliteration of
> the airport name.

Hm... yeah, that's a bug ("Chrysoupoli Airport" is the original weather
station name from the METAR source file, "Chrysoúpolis Airport" is
obviously the more-fixed-up version). But in this case it doesn't
matter, because that string never gets displayed in the UI. (You'll note
that neither version shows up in the .po file.) The METAR source strings
only get used in cases where there is more than one weather station in a
city (which doesn't seem to be the case for anywhere in Greece).

-- Dan

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