Re: major libgweather Locations updates

On Mon, Aug 4, 2008 at 12:52 PM, Dan Winship <danw gnome org> wrote:
> Simos Xenitellis wrote:
>> For Greece I have noticed the following,
>> a. The names in the original strings now have accents, such as
>> Alexandroúpolis, which helps non-native speakers. This is cool, but
>> also means that more messages require attention for subtle changes.
>> I think it's a move to the right direction.
> We could optionally strip the diacritics out for 2.24 to reduce the
> number of new strings, and then bring them back post-2.24?

My preference would be to keep the transliterated version with diacritics.
Sorry for not being clear.

Thanks for the work,

>> b. There are multiple entries for airports, having them associated
>> with several nearby cities. For example, for LGKV, there are entries
>> for four cities, Chrysoúpolis, Dráma, Kavála, Xánthi.
>> How much is the radius you picked when considering nearby cities? Is
>> it more than 50Km?
> It's exactly 50km. That may need adjusting. (If we lower it, than some
> of those cities will just go away entirely; it always uses the closest
> weather station for a city, so the fact that those cities use the LGKV
> code means there isn't any other weather station closer to them than that.)
> (In this case, Chrysoúpolis is listed because that's where the LGKV
> weather station actually is, and Dráma, Kavála and Xánthi are listed
> because they're marked as being the capitals of states/provinces/
> whatever-you-call-them-in-Greece in our dataset, which is one of the
> things we use to guess that a city is a major city that should be listed.)
>> c. In some cases, the transliterated version does not have an accent.
>> For example,
>> Chrysoúpolis Airport and
>> Chrysoupoli Airport
>> It looks as if the airport name of the original entry gets the
>> transliteration, while the nearby cities do not get transliteration of
>> the airport name.
> Hm... yeah, that's a bug ("Chrysoupoli Airport" is the original weather
> station name from the METAR source file, "Chrysoúpolis Airport" is
> obviously the more-fixed-up version). But in this case it doesn't
> matter, because that string never gets displayed in the UI. (You'll note
> that neither version shows up in the .po file.) The METAR source strings
> only get used in cases where there is more than one weather station in a
> city (which doesn't seem to be the case for anywhere in Greece).
> -- Dan

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