Re: Translation statistics for 2.20?

Murray Cumming <murrayc murrayc com> a scris:
> It doesn't look like Danilo is going to update the release notes with
> the expected translation statistics, so I have to try this myself.
> "Supported" means 80% or more of the UI strings must be translated.
> I'm going to assume that Indonesian, Albanian, and Romanian will get
> there this week. I hope you manage that so that I don't look foolish.

The Romanian team usually reaches 80% in the last week, so I think it's
going to be the same this year. The commits will start rolling today.

This „supported status” thing is a big motivational boost and I very
much appreciate it. The downside is that most of the work is done just
before a new release and some of it barely misses the .0 release,
because some packages are released and tarball'ed days in advance to
the "tarballs due" date.

>From what I remember, the supported status was checked in the day of
the release, I particularly recall a crazy last week in which we had a
10% jump in the status for the Romanian translation and we barely made
it over 80%. Might I suggest checking the "supported status" in the
"tarballs due" day, which is September, 17 for Gnome 2.20.0?


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