Re: Pashto - coordinator should be changed!!!

According to the Pashton scholars and even the ISO 639 the correct spelling should be "Pashto". ISO

639 says "Pashto;Pushto", which means both of them are correct. but the most authentic is "Pashto".

Pakhtosoft and all the companies working for Pashto uses the name "Pashto" not "Pushto", so it

should be changed.
Please change it!!!
ISO 639 site: says:

Team Coordinator changes
Team Coordinators want to change email or for changing the coordinator use the same procedure:

New coordinator (NEWEMAIL) emails the list gnome-i18n gnome org about him taking over, CCing old coordinator (OLDEMAIL)

Current coordinator emails requesting a change from old email address (OLDEMAIL) to new email address (NEWEMAIL)
Email (privately!) OLDEMAIL with a special token requiring response to confirm change of coordinator/email to NEWEMAIL
After receiving confirmation from OLDEMAIL with the special token, ACCEPT the change of coordinator/email (if you don't receive it, or receive a negative response from OLDEMAIL, then do not accept the change)
If the change was accepted, follow instructions in TranslationProject/UpdatingTeamData to update team coordinator

Check that Bugzilla l10n component points to an active mailing list, or the current coordinator

But if he is not responding, then?????? - We tried much to contact him, but he doesn't answers!!! I think he has forgot about GNOME!!! We (Pakhtosoft) have five members in our company (ready to translate) and we want to start the translation soon.

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