Re: distcheck, intltool and POTFILES.skip


On Tue, 2007-06-05 at 19:06 +0200, Andreas R� wrote:

> Without these files in POTFILES.skip, distcheck fails with the latest
> intltool version (0.35.5; I think the change dates back to 0.35.1 or
> so). They are generated at configure time and thus aren't present in the
> svn checkout that the l10n status pages are generated from. It's not
> ideal since that might hide files existing bug not added to,
> but I think there's nothing we can do here, it's intltool's fault. I'll
> ask on #i18n about it, nevertheless.

I filed a bug report against intltool a while ago which is somewhat

I don't think intltool failing on 'make dist' because of missing files
in POTFILES.skip is acceptable behavior. This should be changed as soon
as possible.


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