About latest glade3 strings


I'm not really sure if this is wrong or not, and as such I didn't open a bugzilla entry, but rather decided to ask here first.

Latest strings approved for glade3 included 2 things that I don't know if they are right. Following example:
msgid "Gnome Druid"

1st thing: Shouldn't all occurrences of GNOME be in uppercase?
2nd thing: Wasn't it a standard to call "Assistant" to Assistant/Druid/Wizard help windows?

As such, shouldn't the msgid be
msgid "GNOME Assistant"

And thus several of other new strings be also different?

Am I making up issues or is this really not correct? If so, I guess this is something to fix for 2.20, not justifying a freeze break. But should be opened in Bugzilla so that it wouldn't be forgotten.

Please someone more into these details enlighten me. Thank you in advance

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