Re: String freeze break requested for Orca for GNOME 2.17.92

OK, after some arm twisting, I've been convinced to unretract this request. So, I'm re-requesting it with the following amendment: we will fix the ngettext issue with the " % items" string for

The fix is the result of a user request, and is discussed laboriously here: We'd really like to get this fix in for GNOME 2.18 as it addresses a usability issue.

The fix is just due to stupidity on my part for not marking the strings as translatable to begin with.

Are these things we can get in for GNOME 2.18?


Willie Walker wrote:
Hi All:

Due to various midair collisions, I'm getting the feeling that the timing of this is all bad. We'll wait until GNOME 2.19.x.



Willie Walker wrote:
Hi All:

I'm requesting a string freeze break for Orca.  The first one, which
is in src/orca/ comes as a result of a direct request from
our user community.  It helps users understand how many items they are
working with in a folder when they open it in nautilus.  It is a
highly desired feature by our users.


                        itemCountString = _(" %d items") % itemCount

The second is the result of me (my fault) forgetting to mark strings
as needing translation in our script for Firefox and
Thunderbird.  I apologize greatly for this, as I'm usually the
anal-retentive internationalization guy on the team.  :-(


                _("Dumps document content to stdout."))
                _("Goes to next character."))
                _("Goes to previous character."))
                _("Goes to next word."))
                _("Goes to previous word."))
                _("Goes to next line."))
                _("Goes to previous line."))
                _("Goes to previous heading."))
                _("Goes to next heading."))
                _("Goes to previous chunk."))
                _("Goes to next chunk."))
                _("Switches between Gecko and Orca caret navigation."))
            string = _("Gecko is controlling the caret.")
            string = _("Orca is controlling the caret.")

Please let me know if this is OK.


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