gtk+ based translation tool

On 8/17/07, Gabor Kelemen <kelemeng gnome hu> wrote:
> Hi
> This is a nice start, but lacks the two most important features a new Gnome translation tool should have: glossary pane
> (no, a notebook tab is not sufficient) and translation memory pane, which shows the good results from TM and their

I believe the glossary could be a list of words in English with
maybe some explanation and suggested substitutes in the
target language. They could be shared by all translation
projects or they could be specific to each context (maybe
categories could be used for that).

I think a treeview could do that. User defined categories
could be implemented as different nodes in the same
treeview. What do you think?

> source, which are diffed against the to-be-translated string and colored based on the diff like in meld.

I have to check poedit with more care, but how are TM data
created exactly?

> Also I'd like to see some more screenshots about the "Must (not) translate" and the Locations and Actions tabs: what do
> these do?

These are translate-toolkit features. If the same word is
used in both source and target messages and if it is also
in the "Must translate" list, the filter issues a warning.

The same thing happens if the word is in the "Must not
translate list" and the word is not found in the target

The "locations" string is the position in the source code
where the string actually is, like the first line in:

#: accels.c:123
msgid "C_urrent Profile..."
msgstr "Perfil _Atual..."

The locations tab gathers these comment (because they
can happen several times).

The actions tab is just an idea. Maybe some kind of a plugin
structure that could be turned on/off by special comments
for each translation unit, or even for the whole file.


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