Re: GNOME Marathi L01n team details

Swapnil has been looking into Marathi and has all the wherewithal to do it.
Danillo, can we keep the arrangement for some time and review after a month.

On 5/30/06, Danilo Åegan <dsegan gmx net> wrote:
Ð ÑÐÑ, 25. 05 2006. Ñ 16:17 +0200, Danilo Segan ÐÐÑÐ:

> > Will it be possible for me to get a cvs account.
> Sure, when everything settles: when we get a new/existing coordinator to
> support one for you, and we get a number of your submissions.

We didn't have an response from Jitendra for a week.  This means that we
need a new coordinator for Marathi.

Rahul, are you volunteering? :)



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