Re: GNOME Marathi L01n team details

Dear Jitendra, Thanks for your reply and your willingness to continue work for Marathi.

There are some tasks to work on.
1. Please update the contact details for Marathi at
Simply send an e-mail to this list requesting to update the contact details.

2. The GNOME L10n "command center" is at
Technically you and members of the team has to make sure that bugs for Marathi are resolved quickly.
The default contact details for Marathi are listed at the link "Show component descriptions" at the page above.
Currently, the contact e-mails for Marathi show
indictrans at fastmail dÎt fm
Is this e-mail address still available?
If it is a mailing list, you have to make sure that
bugzilla-daemon at
is a member of the mailing list.
To change the details in Bugzilla for Marathi, file a bug report that is similar to**

3. Make sure you have updated your GNOME CVS details. Since Sept 2005,
GNOME CVS uses public key authentication only, therefore you need to create a SSH key pair.
For more, see

4. Make sure there is a way for Marathi GNOME L10n contributors
to communicate with each other, perhaps in the form of a mailing list.
If someone has translated files, you would need to upload to GNOME CVS.
If someone is doing lots of translation work, you might need to guide her/him to obtain their own CVS account.

Hope this helps,

O/H jitendra ÎÎÏÎÏÎ:
I am sorry , my e-mail address was changed and I became unavailable .
I will be able to lead the GNome Marathi.L10n team

On 5/23/06, * Simos Xenitellis* <simos74 gmx net <mailto:simos74 gmx net>> wrote:

Dear Jitendra, There has been interest to submit new translations for the GNOME Marathi L10n project. Please see <>

    There was an attempt to contact you as you are listed as the Team
    for the Marathi GNOME L10n.
    If you are receiving this e-mail, please reply.

    If you are not currently available to maintain your position
    as Marathi GNOME L10n team leader, you can simply reply
    to this e-mail to hand-over your position.

    If you do not reply within 7 days from today, we shall proceed
    and pick another GNOME Marathi L10n team leader.

    Simos Xenitellis


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