Re: GNOME Marathi L01n team details

Hi Rahul,

Ð ÑÐÑ, 25. 05 2006. Ñ 17:36 +0530, Rahul Bhalerao ÐÐÑÐ:

> With the adhoc submissions and gap between updates and submissions
> will certainly disrupt the continuity and flow of my work. I can't
> keep track of my own updates.

I understand your frustration, but we also need to be careful.  Waiting
a couple of days shouldn't pose too many problems (compared to what may
come up if we simply didn't wait: we'd get all sorts of angry
translators fighting each other on gnome-i18n over whose translation is
better and good to go).

> Will it be possible for me to get a cvs account. 

Sure, when everything settles: when we get a new/existing coordinator to
support one for you, and we get a number of your submissions.


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