Re: Stripped translations for gnome-user-guide

Yesterday at 20:27, Brent Smith wrote:

> Everytime I did make distcheck on a fresh checkout it took literally 30
> minutes to compile all the translations.  Is there any way we can speed
> up xml2po?  The more languages that we translate gnome-user-docs to, the
> longer this process is going to take and the harder releases are going
> to be.

Well, not without code, no. ;)

Though, there are not many easy optimizations, since xml2po is doing a
lot of complicated stuff while trying to produce output that's easy on
the translators, not on the CPU.

What we can (and probably will) do is to add a separate (and quick)
xml2po-lint tool to check for most common problems in translations, so
you'd get faster response on what translations have problems so you
can avoid including them.

> What should the process be for translations that cause validation errors
> in the future?

Remove them (from DOC_LINGUAS, thus from dist as well). Also, file a
bug against "l10n" product with appropriate language component, so
translators know where the problem is.

OTOH, I plan to add more debug info to our docs status pages
(actually, I have already written entire new status pages with these 
features from scratch, and just need to set them up and test them ;),
so this should become less of a problem (translators would be more
aware of any problems in their translations).


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