Re: Stripped translations for gnome-user-guide

Danilo Šegan wrote:
Hi Nickolay,

Today at 10:57, Nickolay V. Shmyrev wrote:

Sorry, probably I've missed something, but why gnome-user-docs 2.14
goes without Russian translation? Of course, it's incomplete, around
40 percent of strings were translated in CVS, but some sections were
translated completely. What was the problem? Italian was included
but it's also far from complete.

Yeah, I am very sorry to hear this too.  Strip Italian out as well! ;)

Just kidding, but actually, including even half-completed stuff is
essential to translators and users: translators get the satisfaction
of all of their hours of work actually ending up in the distribution
and being seen by users, and users get the benefit of looking at least
part of the documentation in their own language.  If they are bothered
with it not being complete (which will most likely be the case), there
are better chances they might help with translation!

Who should we punch in the face? Brent? ;)

Danilo, yes that would be me. I'm sorry about this but I've never
released gnome-user-docs before and I was running into validation errors
with some of the translations when running make distcheck. I think
these might have been with es and nl and I accidentally removed russian
as well. I was going to contact you to do the release b/c I couldn't get past these errors, but I decided to just remove the translations
that were causing problems instead. Since Shaun originally asked
fatalerror to do the release, and fatalerror asked me to do it and it
was 2:30am at night when I rolled it, I might have not been thinking clearly.

Everytime I did make distcheck on a fresh checkout it took literally 30
minutes to compile all the translations.  Is there any way we can speed
up xml2po?  The more languages that we translate gnome-user-docs to, the
longer this process is going to take and the harder releases are going
to be.

Again, I'm very sorry about this -  If you want to contact release-team
and re-roll the release to include russian, I won't blame you

What should the process be for translations that cause validation errors
in the future?

Brent Smith <gnome nextreality net>
IRC: smitten

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