Re: charset="ISO-8859-15"

Hi Kurt, Christian,

Yesterday at 15:04, Christian Rose wrote:

> On 6/28/06, Kurt Maute <kurt maute us> wrote:
>> We've got a Spanish translation of the Planner user guide, and it seems
>> to use ISO-8859-15 as its character set rather then UTF-8 (i.e. it needs
>> charset="ISO-8859-15" in its header in order to transform correctly.
>> Is there any rule or guideline against this?
>> ...or maybe more importantly, any rule that we must use UTF-8?
> For application translations (regular po files), we do require them to
> be encoded in UTF-8.

And it would be best if Planner actually switched over to
gnome-doc-utils[1,2] for documentation.  It will also provide status
to translators so they can be on top of everything.


> I'm not sure of whether we have any similar formal requirement for
> docs translations, but I think it would not make sense not to have it,
> given the above.

Lets just agree that from now on, we do! ;)


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