Re: icons for languages

On Tue, 2005-09-13 at 16:01 +0200, Gudmund Areskoug wrote:
> I know, that's why I indicated "region", not "country". No matter what 
> one thinks of e. g. Greater Kurdistan, it's hard to dispute there's 
> currently a substantial group of people living and speaking Kurdish in a 
> given geographic location.

It's hard, but they still dispute it. Believe me, *some* maps of Greater
Kurdistan that is supposed to where current Kurdish speakers live,
include Azerbaijani-speaking areas, Lori-speaking areas, Persian-
speaking areas, and Arabic-speaking areas. I don't know enough about the
politics of Kurdish in Iraq and Turkey. That is only from my knowledge
of Iran.

In other words, yes, contrary to what you think, it is very very
controversial to claim that a substantial group of people speaking in a
certain region speak Kurdish.

Danilo, would you please come to my aid? I guess you have a similar
problem in the areas that made the former Yugoslavia.


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