Re[4]: Committing to branches :(

Clytie> Yes, please, Funda. Thankyou for going to the trouble to create it,  
Clytie> and make it available. :)
I've put it here:

I think what an average translator will need to do is:
1. modify the _LANG definition from "zh_CN" to your language.
2. modify the _CVSROOT definition to your account.

Just put this update-gnome-po.php under ~/gnome-2.12/, and run it.
And you'll get a fully checked out CVS rawtree for you to *commit*,
not to work on it, because the PO within this repository didn't get
merged with latest POT obviously.

These two arrays is to define the *release* not *branch* you excepted
to be checked out. Currently, l10n-status.g.o hosts three release:
gnome-2.10 (developer-libs, desktop), gnome-2.12 (d-l, d), and HEAD
(fifth-toe, office, extras). That means, if you want to checkout a new
cvs repository with gnome-2.10, just modify it to:


That's it.

BTW, I have another script which works with this one quite well. It
will fetch POTs from l10n-status.g.o, then put the merged group PO
under the directory you specified. The highlight of the script is
it does not depend on l10n-status.g.o, because if the corresponding
POT cannot be found, it will checkout the whole module, then generate
POT locally.

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