Re[2]: [translate-pootle] Re: Web-based translation for GNOME

David Fraser wrote:

>> I have a module similat to this on my l10n sit at
>> but it is also
>> lacking voting features and the UI is somewhat unfriendly.
> Nice to see this, there are a few tools like this around and it will be
> nice to see where we end up, I didn't know about yours.

Yes, there are indeed many tools created by various l10n teams
worldwide and all that just proves the importance of online l10n
management environment.

I do think it is time we move to the new l10n level, using XML based
formats (like XLIFF) and online tools (no to scare the people by CVS

But like I mentioned in my previous mail, TM would be very importnat in
such a tool.

> I've done some stuff on using a text indexer to index PO files, the idea
> being that fast searching is roughly equivalent to TM

Is the feature present in any of the tools? TM algorithm can easily be
taken from Vaclav's PoEdit, or Kbabel etc.


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