Re: Web-based translation for GNOME

It's just a glossary development tool. FWIW, it's quite similar to my webtionary, however, webtionary doesn't support more than a single
comment per suggested translation (and there are plans to change
that), and KiPOT doesn't support per-project decisions (since both KDE
and Gnome Serbian translation teams use same database for us) or

The whole idea would indeed be very nice. The most importnat part would be online glossary management, enabling all the registered (and, optionally, verified by l10n team lead) users to comment on each term, add their own translation and approve/vote other translations.

I have a module similat to this on my l10n sit at but it is also lacking voting features and the UI is somewhat unfriendly.

Where can I find Webtionary?

Online editing of PO files would of course be very nice, but I also think that commiting should be committed by the coordinator/lead.

The most important feature online PO translator should have is TM. As soon as the glossary work is over, the glossary should automatically be fed to a TM which will be used on PO translations. Also, as soon as a PO file is complete, it should also be fed to the TM.

Something like that would be of great help to all my l10n projects.

Aiet Kolkhi

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