Re: (KA) Georgian support

Hello Christian,

I would like to provide you with the update of Georgian l10n project status.

There has not been much activity on CVS level, but my team has been actively working on Georgian l10n.

I have set up a webpage with all the Georgian l10n projects I coordinate at

Please update GNOME Georgian l10n site info with the following URL:

The site includes all the information regarding GNOME Georgian l10n, as well as all the infos for people interested in joining the project.

I have programmed a glossary translation management module and published it on the site. The module lets registered memebers comment on each term of glossary and provide with their translations and comments. As soon as all the Georgian terms are argeed, the terms can be exported to TM.

As there are some glossary issues in Georgian language to be solved yet, I have decided to halt the actual translation of PO files until we have a working Georgian version of GNOME glossary of terms.

The status of the GNOME glossary l10n can be viewed at

As many IT experts and linguists participate in the project, I hope to have the glossary ready in 3 or 4 weeks and we will be moving to the next stage and begin l10n of actual PO files right away.

Bst regards,

Aiet Kolkhi
Georgian l10n

> mån 2004-09-27 klockan 01.45 skrev Aiet Kolkhi:
>> >> Thus, I see no alternative but to assign the Georgian 
>> >> coordinatorship in the GTP to Aiet Kolkhi instead. I shall
>> update >> the
>> page in a
>> >> few minutes.
>> Ok. I hope Sandro has nothing to object. I also hope that he
>> cooperates whenever he finds time and submits the completed
>> translation he might have.
>> >> After you've contributed a few translations this way, you can 
>> >> request for a CVS account of your own
>> Thank you.
>> >> Also, please create a Bugzilla account at
>> >> if you haven't got one
>> >> already, and please let me know when you've done so. Good luck!
>> I did :)

> Ok, you should now be the owner of the Georgian component in Bugzilla:

>> I am currently updating my site which lists some of my l10n
>> projects (currently at http:\\ ). In the next
>> version, I will also add the appropriate section for GNOME Georgian
>> transaltion project so that the people interested in participating
>> could reach me easily. I will ley you know as soon as it's ready,
>> so the address can be added at the GTP teams page.

> Sounds great!

> Christian

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Best regards,
 Aiet                            mailto:aiet qartuli net

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