Re[2]: GNOME Translation in Uighur [ug]: Help needed

Abdurixit> But in this way I can resolve only one of the four different
Abdurixit> presentation forms.
Abdurixit> so that I can resolve all the existing forms with one key and it
Abdurixit> changes from one form to the other according to the previous
Abdurixit> and next letter in the word as I type.  
If those four different presentation forms have different Unicode
mapping, you might want to use IME rather than a xkb method. A IME
method is, you will get international characters while inputting via
standard en keyboard. A xkb method is something like a piple, which will
convert what you input directly into corresponding Unicode characters.

The widely used IME platform nowadays are iiimf[1] and scim[2].
Personally, I don't know whether it is easy or difficult writing a new
IM under iiimf. AFAIK, with all the language materials provided, you
can write a new IM under scim within two days.


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