Re: translations of the press release


> > Hrm, in which case, why are we using Star Office if we don't need the
> > layout? Seems like it creates an extra layer of hassle having to
> > translate the content
> It's a way to get the plain text to the press, but the press don't
> actually take it as plain text. I don't know for sure, but the last clue
> from Leslie suggested that they take it as .doc.

Why? What's the rationale for needing the markup? What benefit does it
give to the original text? I'd be very strongly against sending any
press release we do as .doc - there's really no need.

> >  [same with the release notes].
> How would you like to do the release notes differently.

Having the release notes in StarOffice format just seems wrong, that's
all. I don't really have any rationale - it just feels that something
like .pdf might be more appropriate, and something that we could easily
generate from .xml.


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