Re: What some of the things in po-locations stand for/mean

On Sat, Jan 15, 2005 at 07:25:18PM +0100 or thereabouts, Christian Rose wrote:
> Telsa, this list rocks! However, I wonder if it wouldn't be useful if
> this information could be put inside translator comments, next to the
> relevant messages, in the file. Then this information
> Would you be willing to do this, and share your pieces of knowledge in
> comments?

I am happy to, if people don't mind growing even

How long can a comment be and still remain valid? I have noticed
that only the last comment gets pulled into the .po files. For
example, all of the Belgium placenames have three comments preceding
them, but only the last comment makes it into the po file. I do
not plan to write essays, but how much room do I have? :)

Also, what should I do about the strings which recur? It seems
silly to put "Automatic weather reporting station" in front of
each "Awrs", for example. (There are currently four.) But perhaps
it might be more useful if I do? 

Thanks, btw, to Francisco, Gábor, Rodolfo, Jan, Gudmund and Alan 
for suggestions on- and off-list. Much appreciated. I'd never have
realised what some of those were on my own. 


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