Re: non-latin accelerator keys

> This is a compromise that would also work for Vietnamese, since we
> have a preponderance of dead-key-accented vowels. But how will we
> make sure the user knows which key to press?

I think it won't be a big deal. At least here in Brazil users tend to think
computers interpret characters with and without accents the same way. Well,
we know computers see such characters as completely different symbols, but
they don't, and that's what I think we should count on.

Most likely users here would press Alt-A if they saw "_Álbum" instead of
pressing Alt-´-A, since they think Á and A are the same.

Maybe just Portuguese speaking users will think this way, as long as accents
are mostly used just to indicate stress. Perhaps in other languages
worldwide A and Á are completely different.

Hope I have made mysel clear.

Raphael Higino

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