Re: non-latin accelerator keys

Hi, folks.

> > > One question not entirely related: let's say "f_[x]oo", is there
> > > any hint or visual indication that the accel key is "x" not "o"?

This example leads us to thinking such feature would never be used or be

> > No, but the use case for this is probably situations where the user
> > understand that the underlined 'o' means that he has to press the x
> > key. E.g. if there is a standard input method which maps the x key
> > to the 'o' character.
> I see. Something like "gl_[u]ücklich", so pressing alt-u can activate the
> item?

But this one, it really shows an important use of this feature. It would
really help me with some translations in order to make some accelerators
more intuitive for users.

In sound-juicer, for example, with the string

msgid "_Album"
msgstr "Ál_bum"

I can't use Á as the accelerator since it requires multiple keystrokes. But
if I did so, most users'd think pressing Alt-A would be enough (as a matter
of fact, I don't know if it is or not). In fact, I'm almost sure that is
more intuitive, or at least is the way an unexperienced user would think it

I'd like to use A as the accelerator rather than b or Á, since it's more
intuitive and wouldn't require so many keystrokes. "_[A]Álbum" would be the
best for Brazilian Portuguese.

Thank you.

Raphael Higino

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