Re: "Automatic" UI translations showing word translations along with original

On 8/17/05, Simos Xenitellis <simos74 gmx net> wrote:
> Suppose the resources to translate to a specific language are not there
> but there is a dictionary available.
> It's possible to autotranslate the user-interface words so that the text
> appears as
> Before: Press here
> After: Press(Pulse) here(aqui)
> Would that be useful?

One possible application of such approach is teaching novice translators
visually how to translate, and how translations are shown on UI. There
are problems Danilo already noted, as well as UI problem (layout may
change or break because of more lengthy translations, but that's UI's
problem); but this approach is indeed interesting.


> Well, Tim Foster ( tried
> it out, so have a look at the screenshot
> he created and post your comments!
> Try to think if there would be any application of this functionality.
> Simos
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