Re: Seeking gucharmap string freeze permission

Hi Behdad,

Last Monday at 23:15, Behdad Esfahbod wrote:

> What is a ucharmap good for if it doesn't support the latest
> version of the Unicode standard?

This version?

I mean, it's the one that came out on March 31, 2005, or almost 5
months ago.  If it wasn't that urgent at that time (or during the
remaining 4 and a half months), is it really urgent now?

> We are trying to update gucharmap to Unicode 4.1 but that
> involved some 29 string addition/changes, mostly writing script
> names of Unicode block names.  They are expected to be either
> very easy (similar to existing entries) or very hard (those that
> remain untrsnalted for quite a while anyway) to translate.

My suggestion would be to leave them untranslated at this time.  If it
wasn't important till now, I guess we can live with them being
untranslated for another release.  That way, you get Unicode 4.1
support, yet no string freeze breakage.

Christian Rose may have a different opinion, though.

(And I'm not sure if this doesn't break the feature freeze either, but
I'm not going to play a policeman here :)


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