Re: Doc Translations

On Wed, 2004-09-15 at 11:05, Karl Eichwalder wrote:
> danilo gnome org (Danilo Åegan) writes:
> > (This has one problem of documentation thus likely being partly
> > translated, and partly in English; we have lived with that in UI, can
> > we live with that in docs?)
> Sure.  That's much better than offering docs that are not up-to-date
> (manpages!) or that are incomplete.

Build tools could refuse to install incomplete translations for stable
builds, if that's desired.  Using xml2po at least ensures that every
paragraph is either up-to-date or untranslated, in contrast to the
current situation, where plenty of translated documentation is just
plain wrong.

> BTW, I like translations a lot, but
> sometimes I'm interested in the original as well - it would be great if
> yelp would be able to popup (tooltip?) an English text, if I would
> right-click on a paragraph or listitem.  Note, I don't want to start a
> second helpbrowser, displaying the paragraph I'm interested in would be
> enough. - Of cause, this isn't your domain as the xml2po creator!

I could easily allow you to view entire documents in any other language.
That would take me an evening to implement.  But getting the original
English on any particular paragraph is much harder.  It is doable, but
it would take a good deal of time.  Considering that I have people who
are ready to lynch me if I don't get some much more basic features in
soon, I don't think this will be at the top of my priority list.

Patches, of course, are always welcome.


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