Re: String-freeze break in GnomeMeeting

Le samedi 04 septembre 2004 à 17:12 +0200, Christian Rose a écrit :

> Ok, changed the translation status pages again to list gnomemeeting
> gnome-2-6 branch instead.

> > 
> > Is that the way you are expecting me to do things?
> > Should I create a synonym gnome-2-8 branch for gnomemeeting that would
> > correspond to the gnome-2-6 branch?
> That's probably not necessary. However, letting people *know* that this
> is the gnomemeeting branch that should be used for GNOME 2.8 is
> necessary. If you haven't let all people know, do it as soon as
> possible. That's what I wanted to point out. Do others than the release
> team and the translators know now? If not, they should probably be told.

Well, I only forgot gnome-i18n :(

Thanks and sorry again for the confusion I have caused.

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