Re: Open source text editor

 --- Raphael Higino <raphaelh uai com br> wrote: 
> > Does anyone know an open-source text editor that
> > I can create autocorrect and/or grammar tools for?

> Well, I wish like gedit and SciTE
> ( had autocorrect
> and/or grammar tools.
Haven't looked at Scintilla, but we would love to have
a Unicode text editor with spellchecking (I presume
that this is part of what you mean by autocorrect),
and grammar tools that could be adapted to all
languages would be a big plus. gedit would be fine,
but even now Pango (1.5.2) does not completely support
my native language, Oriya, though it is nearly there.
Another possibility is yudit which has the best
support that I have come across.


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