new panel menus implementation

	Just a heads up - I've imported a new module to CVS - "gnome-menus" -
which will contain the following:

  * libgnome-menu - an implementation[1] of the new menu spec[2]

  * .menu files which define how the menus are laid out

  * .directory files which used to be in gnome-desktop

  * gnome-test-menu-spec - a little test program used for testing the
    implementation against the test suite in CVS.

	I've also committed a patch to make the panel use libgnome-menu rather
than the "vfolder" gnome-vfs module. I expect we'll be removing the
vfolder module from gnome-vfs fairly soon.

	One thing to note is that in order for your menus to work correctly
you'll now need to set $XDG_CONFIG_DIRS to $(prefix)/etc/xdg.


[1] - heavily re-factored version of the code in desktop-file-utils
[1] -

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