Re: string freeze breakage

ons 2004-03-17 klockan 11.00 skrev Jonathan Blandford:
> > > We need to add a schema to libgnomeui in order to select the backend for
> > > the file-selector.  This is technically a string addition, as the schema
> > > descriptions are translated.  They are not really visible, though.
> > 
> > Is there a patch available somewhere, so we can have a look at it?
> It's just a schema description.  I really need to commit this soon.

Comments below. Before allowing it I'd like to hear the opinions of
others aswell (Kjartan and the release team in particular).

> +      <locale name="C">
> +       <short>Module for GtkFileChooser</short>
> +       <long>Module to use as the filesystem model for the
> +       GtkFileChooser widget.   Possible values are "gnome-vfs" and "gtk+" </long>
> +      </locale>

There are three spaces before the second sentence. It should probably
just be two.
The ending space should probably be replaced with a period to match the
common long schema description style.


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