Turkmen Team

 We are deeply sorry about the misunderstanding that occured after our communication with Mr. Tavakkoli. Maybe we didn't give enough information about our intensions and our structure and this caused this conflict. So we want to correct this mistake.

As we mentioned before we are working Under "Teknokent" area of an university. These areas are build by special laws in Turkey and their aim is to support firms having technology research and development activities, that can create technology inoviation. The main aim is however to help startup companies having potential to create technology where these technologies can not be directly comersialized but can create a gain for the public interest. They provide important advanteges like not charging any taxes making the resources of the university (like laboratories, manpower as researchers, libraries etc.) available for the memebers of this comunity. During the evaluation process the company presents its abilities and projects to the Management of these special areas and a commision decides whether they are eligible or not. Than an aggrement is made between the management of the area and the company and they continue to monitor the activities of the firm. In this context the commercial activities may not exceed 50% of their total activity. So to continue to be the member of this comunity companies have to create a value to the public interest.

Again as we mentioned before our main aim is not only developing a national operating system but also making this OS widely used. We believe that for this to happen the governmental organizations of these contries must first begin using it. Computer usage is very limited among the private end users in Turmenia and Sudan and first the governmental organizations must begin using it and then it will spread to the private users. It is a fact that the first OS with native language entering a country and succeeds to be accepted by great number of users continues to be the national operating system no matter if it is free or not. Turkey is a good example for this but an unfortunate one where public and private organisations pays millions of USD to the licence fees. As all the systems and all the softwares depend on this system, organizations or private users trying to use an other OS face with great problems to be entegrated to this existing system.

In the light of these purposes we are building business setups with several investors that are allready investing in different areas in these countries and willing to expand the magnitude of their business. The aim of these investors is to strenghten their existing relationships with these governments. They do not have any commercial interest on this project and definately they do not intend to develop an OS and providing comercial gain from the sales of it. They have high level governmental contacts and they will have great effect convincing the governments and making these operating systems the national OS. As for us we may or may not gain a commercial gain from these investors and if there will be a gain it will not be from the sales of the OS. Even if there is no financial gain we will also have a great reference in these countries which we developed solutions and continue developing. Also fullfill our purpose of existance in "Teknokent" consept.

While providing these services (including development, training, construction of test labs etc.) to The Turkmen, Sudan and Albanian Governments, the cost of these services will be covered by the investors using our investment incentive certificate or funds they will acquire from financial organizations (like World Bank). So again these governments will not contribute to the costs even at the initial phase.”

The reason why we don't focus on Turkey is, as we mentioned we have the support of investors willing to invest in these countries. An other reason Mr. Fatih Demir and Mr. Görkem Çetin is continuing their efforts and doing a great job on this area for the Turkish team. However unfortunately we beleive that because of the above mentioned situation in Turkey it may be a little late for our country in the context of widening the use of the outcome. And we are ready to work with any individual or organisation that will have a contribution to this project.

As for the investment incentive certificate granted to us by Turkish Republic Undersecretariat of Tresury; it covers not only developing this OS but also accomodating Turkmen people in the development process, construction of test labs/classes in different parts of Turkmenia in which teams of 20 people will test the outcome on every lab/ class, training of people on the usage of this OS, informing the people about the existance of this OS. Turkmen localization process will be followed by a committee determined by Ministries of Turmenia Like Education, Science and etc. and academic organisations. This committee will determine areas from different parts of the country in which 25 testing laboratorys/classes will be constructed. In these classes testing environment and educational activities will be performed as it must be in such a project. And most probably depending on the decesion of the investors at the and of the project these 20 computer labs will be donated to the related Governmental Organisations for public interest. The numbers of labs and computers may change according to the decision of investors.

Turkish Governmet also wants to strenghten relationships between the two countries and supporting companies and organisations taking action in this direction. We may send a copy of our certificate and the components of this certificate to Mr. Tavakkoli if he finds it necessary.

So as a summary we want to catch an ideal for the developing countries that yet didn't become a market for Microsoft, by using the cash money of the investors, their creditibility in organisations granting funds for countries like World Bank and their high level governmental contacts.
We first convinced The Turkish Republic Undersereteriat of Treasury to give support to us and the probable investors on this ideal. Then at the moment we are trying to convince investors who are willing to invest in these countries and build good relationships in these countries. Finally and at the same time with the support of the investors who believes in indirect profit we are trying to convince the related countries governments.

This is the reason of our demand for being the coordinator. To become stronger during the convincing effords. Not for personal reasons. Or not because we find anyone inadequate in their effords. We will continue to work for the realization of this project in Turmenia as a part of GTP if possible or some other way if it is not.

We highly appriciate the effords of all the developers trying to develop open source, free OS for people in their countries, in their native languages in Gnome Translation Project and share their spirit. We hope that these information will make the subject clearer and expose our intensions.


Mehmet Ali Erdal

Founder, General Manager



istanbul consulting information technologies
Teknokent No: 6 Hacettepe,
06800, Beytepe, Ankara, TURKEY


phone  : +90 312 299 20 40
fax       : +90 312 299 20 41


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