Re: Different string totals in status

Hi Carlos,

Yesterday at 21:54, Carlos Perellà MarÃn wrote:

> On Wed, 2004-07-28 at 14:16 -0400, Gustavo Maciel Dias Vieira wrote:
>> Em Qua, 2004-07-28 Ãs 13:43, Carlos Perellà MarÃn escreveu:
>> > 
>> > Please, check then the gnome-i18n/status/data/translation-status.xml
>> > from because the listed .pot name should be the same you
>> > get with intltool-update -P (I'm have some code already to remove this
>> > problem).
>> Done. 
>> Found <potname name="eggcups.pot"/>, the same name I get with
>> "intltool-update -p". The other data about this module also appears to
>> be correct.
> Then, I think it's a bug in latest intltool:
> gandalf:/srv/l10n/cvs/eggcups.HEAD/po# intltool-update -P
> sh: line 1: PACKAGE: command not found

It's not that simple.  intltool never claimed to support all "make"
formats for specifying a variable value.  eggcups/po/Makevars contains
a line: 

This is the format intltool never supported, so not even now. Perhaps
we should add support for it?  Please file a bug report about it.

OTOH, intltool has always recommended using verbatim name of the POT
file when specifying domain name in GETTEXT_PACKAGE, so this
recommendation can be extended to Makevars and DOMAIN setting.
Eg. it's enough that someone puts
  DOMAIN = eggcups
for intltool to handle this correctly.  (I'm not sure the latter case
will build correctly).  Still, we want support for at least $(PACKAGE)
format, because I suspect it will be common (and template Makevars
from GNU gettext package uses it), so don't forget to file a bug
report and CC me (dsegan gmx net) and dobey (I remember reading in
ChangeLog that he touched relevant code recently).

> Could any one with latest intltool test it? Thank you

Here's a bit more than a test: explanation of the reasons why it
happens, and how to solve it. ;-)


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