Re: Change coordinator for pa_IN (Panjabi Language )

ਜੀ ਆਇਆਂ ਨੂੰ (Welcome in Punjabi)

menthos gnome org wrote:
tis 2004-07-06 klockan 06.33 skrev Gursharn Singh:
I would like to state that our team lead by Mr.
Amanpreet Singh (amanlinux netscape net) is working
actively on gnome 2.6 version localization on Panjabi
language (pa_IN). But i would like to bring to your
notice that someone else has been listed as Panjabi
Coordinator. Please change the coordinator to Mr
Amanpreet Singh Alam (amanlinux netscape net).

Ok, I've changed the Panjabi coordinator now on Thanks Gursharn, and
good luck Amanpreet.
Thanks for Best wishes and I will try my best to coordinate the Gnome community
You probably will want to start translating the upcoming GNOME 2.8
release in the Panjabi team now though -- even if the module list and
messages aren't finalized, I expect at least Evolution and the related
modules among the proposed modules to get in¹, so there's quite a lot to
translate² before GNOME 2.8 is released³.

We are working on the xtra session and there was a gur-serof bug in Punjabi Translation due to some problem of Fonts, but it is over now, but all files for Gnome2.6, 2.8 are need to updare from start.
Evolution is half completed already, but not update. Soon I update the same soon.

Best wishes !
Amanpreet Singh Alam




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