New team for Turkmen (ISO 639-1: tk, ISO 639-2: tuk)


      I would like to announce a new team to localize
and translate gnome in turkmen.

    Maintainer: Ghorban M. Tavakoly
    Web: (under construction)

some information about turkmen language and alphabet: 

      Turkmen is the name of the national language of
Turkmenistan.  Turkmen  is  spoken  by  approximately
3,430,000 people in Turkmenistan,and by an additional
approximately 3,000,000 people  in  other  countries,
including Iran, Afghanistan, Iraq, Turkey and ...

      Turkmen  is in  the  Turkic group of the Altaic
language family. It is a southern Turkic language, in
the  Turkmenian  group,  closely related  to  Crimean
Turkish and Salar and less closely related to Turkish
and Azeri (Azerbaijani). 

      Turkmen  only  started to  appear in writing at
the beginning of the 20th century,when it was written
with the Arabic script. Between 1928 and 1940 it  was
written with the Latin alphabet, and from 1940 it was
written with the Cyrillic alphabet.Since Turkmenistan
declared independence in 91, Turkmen has been written
with a version of the Latin alphabet based on Turkish.

Ghorban Mohammad Tavakkoli


         (+98)311-669-3059  [Isfahan]
         (+98)173-543-2331  [Agh Ghala-Dogonchi]

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