Re: [Fwd: Re: New string in gnome-control-center]

On Fri, Feb 27, 2004 at 04:28:44PM +0100, Danilo Segan wrote:
> > In summary, we suck and should not be erasing a user's
> > modifications.  However, since there is no current way to avoid it
> > we need to at least warn them.
> That's where we disagree.  I'll point out again that I don't see much
> good in issuing a warning, since the user is going to find that out
> very soon on their own.

Agreed.  They will notice the missing changes.  I'm using
'how many bug reports will we get' as the utility function for
deciding between the available choices of

1) silently ignore things
    - seems like a blatant violation of the principle of least
      surprise.  Stuff used to work, now it doesn't.  Boom insta bug

2) mention that we're ignoring things to the console
    - Similar to (1) but knowledgeable users may notice something in
      their logs.

3) mention that we're ignoring things in a dialog
    - The dialog can still be ignored, but may jog a user's mind to
      thinking about things.

4) (start trek future)reload the modmap files for the user
    - Probably a terrible idea given that we couldn't do it

> (if not already, imagine a user having switched
> "I" and "R", and those are shortcuts on the "_Ignore" and "_Rename";
> ok, very unlikely, but this user might do what he didn't intend by
> pressing Alt+R instead of Alt+I).

The latest incarnation of the dialog simply mentions the files at
tells the user they are being ignored.  1 button OK
> Of course, since you're doing the work here, I won't mind any
> decision you come up with, but these are the points that should be
> taken into account, IMHO.

Actually it's poor Sergey that I'm prodding :-)  

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