Re: translator_credits

Baris Cicek <> writes:


> On Tue, 2004-02-10 at 21:14 +0000, Dafydd Harries wrote:
>> Ar 10/02/2004 am 20:31, ysgrifennodd Ole Laursen:
>> > > It's conceivably possible that changing all instances of
>> > > "translator_credits" to "translator-credits" could be automated. It
>> > > would be a lot of work, though, given the gain I think it would bring.
>> > 
>> > Really, this is just a matter of using Perl and a bit of search and
>> > replace. Fixing the .po files too might give clashes, but it shouldn't
>> > be too difficult to fix the .po files ourselves - we will probably
>> > have to go through all of them at least once more before 2.6 is
>> > released.
>> It's a matter (more or less) of replacing the string
>> "translator_credits" with the string "translator-credits" in every .po
>> file in GNOME CVS *and* all the .c files that refer to such a
>> string.

Yes, that's true. What I meant was that we could leave the .po files
alone, and just fix the .c files. The latter is really a trivial task.
The translation teams could then unfuzzify the entries themselves.

>> If this is the route we're going to take, it's too late for GNOME
>> 2.6: unless there's a blanket approval of such changes, it's simply
>> too many string freeze breakages.

Yeah, I didn't realise that. Silly me. Sigh. I've been too busy
lately. We'll have to wait to after 2.6 then.

Ole Laursen

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