Re: translator_credits

Dafydd Harries <> writes:


>> There are three ways to fix that problem indeed. First and hardest
>> solution is to change that msgid to translator-credits or something
>> else. But that needs change in all .po files and also changes in program
>> sources for sure. 
> It's conceivably possible that changing all instances of
> "translator_credits" to "translator-credits" could be automated. It
> would be a lot of work, though, given the gain I think it would bring.

Really, this is just a matter of using Perl and a bit of search and
replace. Fixing the .po files too might give clashes, but it shouldn't
be too difficult to fix the .po files ourselves - we will probably
have to go through all of them at least once more before 2.6 is

I'm going to ask desktop-devel to change the strings. We can file bugs

Ole Laursen

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