Yelp stuff

(CC me on replies please.  I'm not on gnome-i18n.)

So Yelp had four strings marked for translation in that were
just one-character entities: “ ” ‘ ’.  Most of
the translations continued using entities for these.  But it seems that
when intltool merges the translations in from the po files, it escapes
everything.  So instead of having “ we have &8220;, which is
not at all what's wanted.

I've decided to trust that people will have non-braindead editors and
just put the UTF-8 characters in instead.  So the string
“ has been replaced by â, etc.  Please, in your translations in
the po files, do not use entities.

Since intltool doesn't copy comments through for XML, you won't see the
annotations I've put on everything in  For anybody who does
not know what these four strings are, â and â are used for quotations in
English, and â and â are for quotes inside of quotes.  Translate them to
whatever your language uses for quotations.

As a reminder, this is all happening on the gnome-2-6 branch of Yelp.


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