Re: translation of the word factory...

среда, 03. септембар 2003. 11:47:32 CEST — Malcolm Tredinnick написа:
> >
> > > And the strings finally get a meaning!!!
> > > What do you think of it? It's a widespread mistake I think, but
> > > if I am wrong correct me...
> I think you are wrong (see below). :-)

Heyoo, I didn't say that one :-P

> > It seems to me to be a CORBA terminology (I'll have to check) --
> > which means that it's a word with *new meaning assigned*, so I
> > believe it's up to translators to choose any word suitable for
> > their language.
> It's not really new to CORBA. Factory functions (or classes) and
> factory patterns have been around for a while.

I never said that it was "new to CORBA", but rather, that it's a term  
that has gotten new meaning when it got used in CORBA (before that, it  
never had the meaning of "producers of application instances",  
right? ;-).

> At the risk of pouring oil onto the fire, let me add a technical
> viewpoint: the "factory" objects in CORBA and bonobo and friends are
> producers of application instances. They are the "mother ship" from
> which instances of the server pour forth to perform work.
> So the "producing factory" sense is correct here.

And in translations, I think simply "producers" could be suitable as  
well (I did it that way in Serbian :-).

Another suggestion for *translators* could be "providers" (they  
"provide" clients with instances -- those who produce, also provide  
others with that products) -- if that term can be appropriately  

> However, that does not get around the issue, as has been noted, that
> this is a highly technical term. Factory objects and classes and
> functions are not really in common use outside computer science. So  
> if we are exposing the term to users in more places than just the -- 
> help string of gnome-terminal and a couple of error messages, there  
> is a bug report or two required for some future GNOME releases.

I'll attach a simple result of "grep" for factory in current releases  
(both core Gnome desktop, and other software -- but only those that I  
have translated to Serbian [most of them are]).

So, there you go -- anyone looking forward to handling these? ;-)

Though, they don't seem to be so numerous, and I've never seen them  
actually (they might be showing in terminal when eg. Nautilus embeds  
Epiphany, or something like that).

battfink/po/sr.po:msgid "battfink automation factory"
bonobo-activation/po/sr.po:msgid "Factory `%s' returned NIL for `%s'"
eog/po/sr.po:msgid "EOG Image collection view factory"
eog/po/sr.po:msgid "EOG Image viewer factory"
epiphany/po/sr.po:msgid "Epiphany Nautilus view factory"
epiphany/po/sr.po:msgid "Epiphany content view component's factory"
evolution/po/sr.po:msgid "Could not create the alarm notify service factory"
fontilus/po/sr.po:msgid "Factory for the fontilus context menu"
fontilus/po/sr.po:msgid "Fontilus context menu factory"
galeon/po/sr.po:msgid "Galeon Nautilus view factory"
galeon/po/sr.po:msgid "Galeon content view component's factory"
gal/po/sr.po:msgid "Factory"
gcm/po/sr.po:msgid "Factory for creating the gcmapplet Applet"
gcm/po/sr.po:msgid "GcmApplet Applet Factory"
gdl/po/sr.po:msgid "Factory for the Gnome Symbol Browser control."
gdl/po/sr.po:msgid "Gnome Symbol Browser Control Factory"
gedit/po/sr.po:msgid "Gedit viewer factory"
gedit/po/sr.po:msgid "gedit automation factory"
ggv-HEAD/po/sr.po:msgid "GGV PostScript viewer factory"
ggv/po/sr.po:msgid "GGV PostScript viewer factory"
gimp/po/sr.po:msgid "Reset to factory defaults"
gnome-applets/po/sr.po:msgid "AccessX Status Applet Factory"
gnome-applets/po/sr.po:msgid "Keyboard Accessibility Status Applet Factory"
gnome-applets/po/sr.po:msgid "Battstat Factory"
gnome-applets/po/sr.po:msgid "CD Player Applet Factory"
gnome-applets/po/sr.po:msgid "Factory for CD player applet"
gnome-applets/po/sr.po:msgid "Charpicker Applet Factory"
gnome-applets/po/sr.po:msgid "Drive Mount Applet Factory"
gnome-applets/po/sr.po:msgid "Factory for drive mount applet"
gnome-applets/po/sr.po:msgid "Geyes Applet Factory"
gnome-applets/po/sr.po:msgid "GKB Factory"
gnome-applets/po/sr.po:msgid "Gtik Applet Factory"
gnome-applets/po/sr.po:msgid "Factory for creating the weather applet."
gnome-applets/po/sr.po:msgid "Gweather Applet Factory"
gnome-applets/po/sr.po:msgid "Factory for creating inbox monitors."
gnome-applets/po/sr.po:msgid "Inbox Monitor Factory"
gnome-applets/po/sr.po:msgid "MiniCommander Applet Factory"
gnome-applets/po/sr.po:msgid "Sticky Notes Applet Factory"
gnome-control-center/po/sr.po:msgid "Factory for the fontilus context menu"
gnome-control-center/po/sr.po:msgid "Fontilus context menu factory"
gnomeicu/po/sr.po:msgid "GnomeICU Applet Factory"
gnome-media/po/sr.po:"Cannot create CDDBTrackEditor factory.\n"
gnomemeeting/po/sr.po:"location. Factory mode disabled.\n"
gnomemeeting/po/sr.po:"Error registering GnomeMeeting with the activation service; factory mode "
gnome-netstatus/po/sr.po:msgid "Factory for Network Monitor applet"
gnome-netstatus/po/sr.po:msgid "Network Monitor Factory"
gnome-panel/po/sr.po:msgid "Clock Applet Factory"
gnome-panel/po/sr.po:msgid "Factory for creating clock applets."
gnome-panel/po/sr.po:msgid "Wanda Factory"
gnome-panel/po/sr.po:msgid "Notification Area Factory"
gnome-panel/po/sr.po:msgid "Factory for the window navigation related applets"
gnome-panel/po/sr.po:msgid "Window Navigation Applet Factory"
gnome-panel/po/sr.po:msgid "Test Bonobo Applet Factory"
gnome-terminal/po/sr.po:"location. Factory mode disabled.\n"
gnome-terminal/po/sr.po:"Error registering terminal with the activation service; factory mode "
gnome-vfs/po/sr.po:msgid "Standard Moniker factory"
gnumeric/po/sr.po:msgid "Gnumeric Workbook viewer factory"
gpdf/po/sr.po:msgid "GNOME PDF viewer factory"
gpdf/po/sr.po:msgid "PDF document viewer factory"
gswitchit/po/sr.po:msgid "GNOME XKB applet factory"
gswitchit/po/sr.po:msgid "GSwitchIt applet factory"
libbonobo/po/sr.po:msgid "Factory `%s' returned NIL for `%s'"
libbonobo/po/sr.po:msgid "Cannot activate object from factory"
libbonobo/po/sr.po:msgid "Standard Moniker factory"
libbonobo/po/sr.po:msgid "generic factory 'new' moniker"
libbonobo/po/sr.po:msgid "Bonobo Echo server factory"
libbonobo/po/sr.po:msgid "Echo component factory"
libbonoboui/po/sr.po:msgid "corba factory"
libbonoboui/po/sr.po:msgid "The factory pointer"
libgda/po/sr.po:msgid "Could not initiate Sybase component factory"
libgnomedb/po/sr.po:msgid "Database component factory"
libgnomedb/po/sr.po:msgid "Database Moniker factory"
libgnome/po/sr.po:msgid "Extra Moniker factory"
nautilus-cd-burner/po/sr.po:msgid "Factory for the nautilus-cd-burner context menu"
nautilus-cd-burner/po/sr.po:msgid "nautilus-cd-burner context menu factory"
nautilus-gtkhtml/po/sr.po:msgid "GtkHTML view component's factory"
nautilus-gtkhtml/po/sr.po:msgid "Nautilus GtkHTML view factory"
nautilus-media/po/sr.po:msgid "Audio view component's factory"
nautilus-media/po/sr.po:msgid "Audio view factory"
nautilus-media/po/sr.po:msgid "Nautilus Test view factory"
nautilus-media/po/sr.po:msgid "Test view component's factory"
nautilus-medija/po/sr.po:msgid "Audio view component's factory"
nautilus-medija/po/sr.po:msgid "Audio view factory"
nautilus-medija/po/sr.po:msgid "Nautilus Test view factory"
nautilus-medija/po/sr.po:msgid "Test view component's factory"
nautilus-mozilla/po/sr.po:msgid "Mozilla Nautilus view factory"
nautilus-mozilla/po/sr.po:msgid "Mozilla content view component's factory"
nautilus/po/sr.po:msgid "Factory for Nautilus component adapter factories"
nautilus/po/sr.po:msgid "Factory for Nautilus component adapter factories "
nautilus/po/sr.po:"Factory for objects that wrap ordinary Bonobo Controls or Embeddables to "
nautilus/po/sr.po:msgid "Nautilus component adapter factory"
nautilus/po/sr.po:msgid "Factory for hardware view"
nautilus/po/sr.po:msgid "Factory for text view"
nautilus/po/sr.po:msgid "Text view factory"
nautilus/po/sr.po:msgid "throbber factory"
nautilus/po/sr.po:msgid "throbber object factory"
nautilus/po/sr.po:msgid "Factory for Nautilus shell and file manager"
nautilus/po/sr.po:msgid "Nautilus factory"
nautilus/po/sr.po:msgid "Nautilus metafile factory"
nautilus/po/sr.po:"attempting to locate the factory.Killing bonobo-activation-server and "
nautilus-rc/po/sr.po:msgid "Factory for package context menu"
nautilus-rc/po/sr.po:msgid "Factory for package view"
nautilus-rc/po/sr.po:msgid "package context menu factory"
nautilus-rc/po/sr.po:msgid "package view factory"
nautilus-rpm/po/sr.po:msgid "Factory for RPM properties_page"
nautilus-rpm/po/sr.po:msgid "Factory for RPM view"
nautilus-rpm/po/sr.po:msgid "RPM properties page factory"
nautilus-rpm/po/sr.po:msgid "RPM view factory"
pong/po/sr.po:msgid "Pong test entry factory"
quick-lounge-applet/po/sr.po:msgid "Factory for the Quick Lounge applet"
quick-lounge-applet/po/sr.po:msgid "Quick Lounge Factory"
rhythmbox/po/sr.po:msgid "Rhythmbox shell factory"
sodipodi/po/sr.po:msgid "Could not create sodipodi-svg-doc factory"
stickynotes_applet/po/sr.po:msgid "Sticky Notes Applet Factory"
yelp/po/sr.po:msgid "Yelp Factory"

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