Re: Persian translations

On Sun, 2003-11-30 at 00:15, Danilo Segan wrote:
> Certainly, every approach has some merit over the other, but I hate
> to see translators being discouraged.  And any delay is bad for
> translation work. The thing with Free Software is that people usually
> lose time later on (I've never met anyone in the Free Software world
> who really had more spare time "later on" :), and even if they really
> do want to do all what's best, they never produce.

Advice taken. Abbas, please send your further translations to
"" for review and commit. Please follow the
current glossary and orthography until we have the Academy's word list.

> So, in the same manner, instead of waiting for someone to produce
> that glossary, you might help with that too.

I am helping the Persian Academy in that.

> Most government organizations have too much administrativia that stops them
> from actually doing the work, so they delegate it to a commitee, which
> delegates it to a subcommitee, which forms task forces, which organize
> workgroups, which elect you to do the work :)

Well, that has already been done (except the last part, where I get
chosen ;)). The body chosen has already delivered a partial list, and
they'll give me that list Real Soon Now.

> keep people involved and busy, so no time to complain ;)

That's wonderful advice. :))


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