Re: Persian translations (was Fwd: Re: [farsi] Farsi encoding standard)

> > Could a coordinator take over the translation project totally and
> > connect it with his/her carrier or line of job?  I have a problem with
> > this guy and I need someone from Gnome i18n make him understand that
> > this project is accually a free software project and should be open
> > for every free spirited contributer and he may not blocking involvment
> > of others.
>I believe I have not blocked involvement of any person. I have sent all
>of the volunteers introductory material on how to join the project, and
>subscribed them to a closed mailing list where matters of translation of
>free software to Persian is discussed, archives of which can be found at

By involvment I mean to join and to be accually able to contribute to the 
translation and i18n of the software.
I really hate this kind of discussion but unfortunately I forced to do it by 
some unserious guys that jumped in as coordinators for freeware projects. 
Take a look at KDE, Mozilla and Linux Translation project. All coordinators 
for these projects are your friends and I have had the same discussion with 
all them. I do not know what you get out of it if it is not personal 

>BTW, I consider your wording of "connect it with his/her carrier of line
>of job" offensive.

Whatever the reasons are that you are hindering the project of progress is 
not acceptable anymore!

> > and if he  really!! cares about the quality and picking the better
> > translations term based on some govermental entity this could be
> > accomplished by reviewing.
>I agree. The point is that reviewing them has been impossible since the
>original glossary the Persian team compiled is out of synch with the
>Persian Academy's computer terms list (which is required by law to be
>used in Iran). I have been putting some efforts into discussions with
>representatives from the Academy to get the list updated. In the
>meanwhile, do you think it's sane to review everything twice?

Any SANE person understand that reviewing is the backbone of any dynamic 
project which updates once or twice in a year.

> > Is this not the normal approach of every linux and free software
> > project?
>I don't know about official policies of other countries about national
>terms, but the Iranian government (one of the two countries where
>Persian is official, the other begin Afghanistan) has a law on the usage
>of foreign terms which we didn't know how serious it is. To make GNOME
>translations usable to lots of speakers who live inside Iran (and don't
>know enough English to use the English version) we must use Academy's
>word list. That's all.

Gnome is NOT a product of IRANIAN goverment that Iranian law should apply to 
The work around is that some other Persian speaking outside of the country 
take over the coordinator role. Then, you will not face any legal action 
against you. Let those law apply to those software that in fact produce 
within the countrys boarer and not others!!!


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