error evolution preface.xml

Hi folks,

Translating evolution help files, there are some errors on 'preface.xml'
and 'usage-calendar.xml'.

Testing with 'xmllint' tool or with 'epiphany' it gives some errors:

preface.xml :17: error: Extra content at the end of the document. 

It's very rare for me, couse all the xml tag's are okey (each begins tag
has it own close tag). Testing the orinigal (english) preface.xml gives
the sanme error. Curiously, once 'preface.xml' is copied into
evolution's help directory it appears fine in basque language. Shall i
suposed that XML testers tools admit only one <sect1> </sect1> by file?

On the usage-calendar.xml it gives this error:

usage-calendar.xml:114: error: Entity 'mdash' not defined

On this line is a _&mdash;_ that it looks pretty in evolution's help

Any suggest?

Thanks and regards,


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