Re: Translating keyboard layout data

sön 2003-11-16 klockan 02.30 skrev Christian Neumair:
> >     - Would it be easier for translators if we put the file in its
> >       own module, or if it was included in an existing set of
> >       POTFILES such as gnome-control-center ?
> I've come to the following conclusion:
> We need to separate it out somehow AND make sure that it's included in
> control-center (a new module for just one file is overhead, right?).
> Solution:
> - Add a new po directory to the gnome-control-center CVS module
> (po-keyboard)

I thought the endless and obvious disadvantages both for translators and
maintainers of having multi-domain modules with multiple po directories
had already been discussed to death with the gimp and beast threads on
this list.

Need we formally write down "multi-domain modules are a *BAD* idea;
please use several modules in case you need several domains" in some


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