Re: Dzongkha (dz) - Bhutan (BT)

mån 2003-05-26 klockan 17.43 skrev Christopher John Fynn:
> > Support for Dzongkha in GNOME is most welcome. Are you volunteering to
> > be the coordinator? In that case, please let us know so we can make note
> > of that on the translation teams page.
> Yes.

Ok, I've added your name and e-mail address to the teams page now.

I'll send a mail in private to you with a request for bugzilla details.
Please reply to that mail as soon as possible.

Other than that, please ask around on this mailing list or at the IRC
channel #i18n on if you need help getting started.
Currently, we are starting to focus our translation efforts on the
coming GNOME 2.4 release. The list of included software is not finalized
yet, but you can find a preliminary list on under the
"desktop" and "developer-libs" sections. You also find links to the pot
files to translate on those pages.

Once you have translated some of these, you can send them to me and I'll
try to put them into cvs for you. Just make sure that the files pass the
"msgfmt -cv dz.po" test, that they are encoded in UTF-8, and that you
compress them using gzip before attaching them to the mail.

Once you've contributed a few translations this way, we can arrange a
cvs account for you, so that you can put translations directly into cvs
later on.

Don't hesitate to ask if you have any questions.

Thanks, and welcome,


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