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"Christian Rose" <> wrote:

> Support for Dzongkha in GNOME is most welcome. Are you volunteering to
> be the coordinator? In that case, please let us know so we can make note
> of that on the translation teams page.
> Christian


Bit of an intro:
In the past I have written several applications for Tibetan script and made several Tibetan script fonts. I was also closely
involved with ISO/IEC 10646 JTC1 SC2 WG2 and the Unicode Consortium in developing the encoding of Tibetan script in those standards.
I am  also
member of BSI IST-20 (i18n) and the owner of the OpenType mailing list .

For the past two and a half years I have been working with the Dzongkha Development Commission of the Government of Bhutan on
getting support for Dzongkha in computer operating systems. This work has included developing several OpenType fonts for Dzongkha
(Tibetan script), and defining keyboard layout, locale data and collation rules  for Dzongkha. I've also trained ten Bhutanese in
making OpenType fonts for complex scripts.

Since Dzongkha is not much used outside Bhutan most of the translation work will actually be done by Bhutanese at the Dzongkha
Development Commission - I'm mostly here for the technical side of things.

Dzongkha uses the Tibetan script and the language is related to Tibetan - though the vocabulary and the spelling rules are


- Chris   Fynn

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