Re: -- Lists of "supported" and"unsupported" languages incorrect

lör 2003-05-17 klockan 23.24 skrev Danilo Segan:
> It seems as if the lists provided at are 
> incorrect.
> Serbian is now more supported then eg. Estonian which is listed as 
> partially supported, and Belarussian which is listed as "supported". 
> It's also comparable (difference in a margin of 2%) to Slovenian, 
> Bulgarian and Romanian, all listed as "supported". All this is regarding 
> the Gnome 2.4 branch.
> If this is generated out of 2.2 branch, then Serbian (with 87% complete) 
> is definitely supported.

Yeah. This list is manually updated, and I've updated it at least at the
times when the 2.0.0 and 2.2.0 releases happened. Now is probably time
to do the last update of it before 2.4 happens, since there probably
won't be more 2.2.x releases now.

> So, in order to change this page, should I use the 2.2 statistics page 
> as a guide, and put the Serbian language into "supported" ones, or 
> should other languages be moved out of that group into "partially 
> supported" and "unsupported"?

Please use the 2.2 stats from the status pages, and if you update,
please make sure that you check and update the supported status for all

> While answering, please also remind me of the name of the CVS module 
> (Christian already sent me this, but not to have to browse through the 
> emails).



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