Re: Why not make a web-based translation system?

On Mon, Mar 10, 2003 at 01:21:51AM +0800 or thereabouts, skyjacker wrote:
> I am wandering why not making a web-based translation system.
> For people from world wild can submit their translation online.
> Whitch will make Gnome translation much easier!

Kevin Donnelly has just released something along these lines:

The program is called Kartouche. He originally intended it for
getting KDE turned into Welsh, but the (proto-)Welsh GNOME 
translation team are having a play with it too. The website is
Kyfieithu (the Welsh verb for translate is cyfieithu, so this
isn't as strange a word as it sounds). 

Running at:
( for people who prefer a g :)) 

Source at:

Or, if that changes version number, get it off whatever is linked from


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