Re: The use of positional arguments in translations

Jody Goldberg <> writes:

> As far as I can tell glib will not be fixing it any time soon.
> glib2 uses libc for this when it can, but on platforms without the
> requisite functions it falls back on its own implementation, which
> does not handle them correctly.

Just disable NLS on those platforms all together; most probably, these
are expert systems where i18n/l10n isn't required.

Or file bug reports against those systems--I don't see the point why
proper systems should suffer because ot that.

> Note, you CAN use positional arguments, you just need to double check
> in the code that it is safe.  I understand that it is extra work to do
> it, but there does not appear to be much choice.

Don't expect translators like me are able to perform those checks ;-(

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